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We unite the passion for sports, the power of innovation and the strength of the network.


Our network consists of business experts, athletes, coaches and innovators. Together, we keep pushing the limits of our beloved game of football.

The strength of football is its ability to connect people and achieve common goals. Through innovation, we can constantly evolve football and find new ways to push the limits. However, it is only through a strong network of inspirational football personalities that these innovations can successfully be brought to life and change can be driven forward. By joining forces and supporting each other, we create a synergistic effect that enables us to realise breakthrough ideas and take football to a new level. The Sports Innovators Club provides exactly this space, where the passion for sports, the power of innovation and the strength of the network come together to enable the sustainable and pioneering development of football.

We go beyond the traditional limits of football. We explore new technologies, methods and ideas to evolve the game of football to a new level. By sharing knowledge, experiences and visions, we create a platform where innovations can emerge and flourish.

Driven by the love for the game of football, we want to extend this approach to other sports.



Together, we challenge the status quo.


We bring together a variety of perspectives (on our larger vision).



We (jointly) build a strong foundation for the implementation of innovative ideas.

Our events

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the Sports Innovators Club events, where inspiration is brought to life in a special way. Experience unforgettable moments at extraordinary locations while renowned keynote speakers present their unique perspectives from different areas of sports. Make valuable contacts in a warm and familiar atmosphere while enjoying delicious food and refreshing drinks. Join us for events that ignite the power of sports, innovation and networking.

Our next event will take place in Hamburg in the fall of 2023.



We are united by our passion for football. We strive to create an environment where we explore the game from different perspectives.


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